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New Franklin County Node!

Franklin County Courthouse, Franklin County, Maine
Franklin County Courthouse
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Congratulations to the Franklin County ARES for getting a packet radio and APRS node online this week! This new node is located in Farmington, ME, and is listening for local operators on 145.030 MHz as W1FCA-15, and on the national ARPS frequency 144.390 MHz as W1FCA-1. This node is connected to the Maine Emergency Packet Network UHF backbone, allowing traffic to travel the state and beyond!

Stay tuned for more announcements, there are things in development that we’re eager to share!

K1DQ Node Temporarily Offline

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From Dan K1DQ on Saturday, July 22nd: The K1DQ Packet will be off the air for a few hours on Sat. afternoon so I can switch the antenna over to the other 2 meter radio for some FSQ field coverage testing by KC1RWI.

KC1JMH-15 2m access is down (updated)

The Westbrook KC1JMH-15 node’s 2 meter VHF operator-access port was unavailable from February 20th until today, March 2nd. During which, the 70 cm UHF radio remained online and continued passing traffic along the statewide backbone between our other nodes.

We want to thank Richard Bates WD1O for going on-site and replacing a faulty component.

New links: NTS on BPQ32 nodes

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We added the following links to our Links section. Visit this section for official sources of information, guides and cheat sheets assembled by other organizations.

With this information, we’re hoping to permit the routing of messages sent to ZIPCODE@NTSME to automatically route to our Region 1 NTS traffic coordinator, Steve Hansen KB1TCE.

NTS Digital NetBPQ32 Hub Operators – BPQ configuration and use for the purpose of passing NTS traffic

W1YCA-15 Maintenance

Maintenance Underway

Sysop Roger Pience, N1XP, will be performing maintenance on the W1YCA-15 node at York County EMA.

Services will be up and down throughout the day, Thursday, December 16.