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Category: Reference

Downloadable Maps Relocated

Network Node Map
Compliments Roger, N1XP

The printable network maps have moved from our Files page to the author’s webserver, where it is easier for him to make quick edits and publish them more expediently. Links to these PDF files are located in our Nodes page under the interactive map.

We encourage amateur radio operators to download these maps for their station or their Emergency Operations Center in case the Internet is not available in the time of need.

Again, we want to thank Roger Pience, N1XP, for his contributions to the Maine Emergency Packet Network (MEPN) and the Southern Maine Packet Group (SMPG), who serves Maine’s Emergency Management Agencies and affiliated amateur radio clubs.

Deciphering packet frames

Have you ever wondered what all that obscure code means that flies by as stations transmit their connection requests and messages? The following link comes from one of the available software modems, which modulate and demodulate data to transmittable audio.


<RR P/F R1 >  - this is a "ready to receive' (RR) packet simply acknowledging receipt of packet #0 and ready to receiver #1.

<REJ P/F R1 > - this is  reject (REJ) packet meaning that the packet just received was out of sequence or a duplicate or not received accurately; ready to receive packet #1 instead.

This link is available in our Links section: