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Map Updates

The map on the Nodes page has been updated to better reflect active nodes in the Southern Maine Packet Group (SMPG). Nodes that have been down for a length of time are hidden from the map until they are reinstalled.

If you know of any updates to the Midcoast region, or are aware of any full-time public nodes not yet on the map, please reach out to KC1JMH.

Thank you!

SSL Error

We are aware that our SSL certificate has expired for The renewal with our web hosting provider stalled and the website is now producing an error. We will have this sorted out soon. In the meantime, you should be safe to click through the error.

Node Status Page is Back!

Node Status Page

We are excited to share our new Status page, accessible at the link in the menu to the left or by browsing to This page will provide live status for Internet connected nodes that the MEPN has been given information for.

As a cruel twist of fate, our status page itself had gone down for a little while due to technical difficulties shortly after implementation. It has been restored and continues to monitor our nodes.

We will continue to provide status bulletins and news for all nodes as we are made aware of changes to the network, including RF-only nodes, right here on this News page.

If you operate a node and would like it added to our maps and status page, or have news to share about it, please reach out to us. We can supply a dynamic DNS name and monitor its uptime.

Downloadable Maps Relocated

Network Node Map
Compliments Roger, N1XP

The printable network maps have moved from our Files page to the author’s webserver, where it is easier for him to make quick edits and publish them more expediently. Links to these PDF files are located in our Nodes page under the interactive map.

We encourage amateur radio operators to download these maps for their station or their Emergency Operations Center in case the Internet is not available in the time of need.

Again, we want to thank Roger Pience, N1XP, for his contributions to the Maine Emergency Packet Network (MEPN) and the Southern Maine Packet Group (SMPG), who serves Maine’s Emergency Management Agencies and affiliated amateur radio clubs.

Printable Maps

Find Roger’s maps in the Files section

The Maine Packet Network is proud to announce that updated printable maps are now available in our Files section! Roger Pience, N1XP, has put a lot of effort into these, working with individuals and groups all over the state to gather accurate information. We couldn’t have built our dynamic map page without his help.

While our dynamic map can help you quickly find nearby packet nodes, we strongly recommend carrying a printed map with you in case you find yourself without Internet access.

We welcome any corrections and info on new nodes!

New Maps and Node List in Progress

With the construction of new nodes and the addition of UHF to several others, we are working on updating our maps.

Roger N1XP is working on an updated printable PDF, which will be located in the Files section.

Brad KC1JMH has replaced the card style Nodes list with an interactive map that can be filtered and sorted. Looking at the list below the map, nodes will appear in order of distance from your location if you allow your location to be shared in your web browser (a pop-up should present itself to ask you).

As noted on our pages, this is a work in progress, as time allows between work and personal lives. If you spot anything wrong or missing with our data, please reach out to one of us. Our email addresses are good on QRZ, or you can use the Contact form in the menu to the left.

We want to share accurate and timely information from across the state, and we need your help!


Thank you for visiting the Maine Packet Network website. Our mission is to build and maintain a packet radio backbone to interconnect several community-level networks and their respective emergency communications teams across Maine and beyond its borders.

Further, our goal is to pull together all the bits of information about packet radio operations scattered across the web, and to give operators of all skill levels one place to go to learn about packet radio and get connected with the network.

For more information about our group, please visit the About Us page. If you would like to contribute, please reach out to Brad Brown, KC1JMH.